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We at Globoil Post are both observers and participants in re-building, re-forming, re-igniting and re-imagining the future of the edible oil industry. The purpose of our existence is to evaluate, expound and showcase the awesome spark of creation in every thought leader, analyst and changemaker.

Big Names, Bigger Ideas. We are passionate about providing a platform for new ideas and disruptive minds. Represented and read by those who lead the industry, Globoil Post, is fast becoming one of the most influential publications in the Globoil Edible Oil & Agri-Trade ecosystem —always at the frontline of creating, curating and cultivating change.

Globoil Post brings you exclusive stories of leading industry thought leaders and change-makers, trade analyses, resource articles and the first glimpse of emerging trends from the Global Edible Oil & Agri-Trade ecosystem, as well as brand features of great businesses and individuals from all over the world.

Our flagship event, Globoil, is now in its twenty-fourth year and has become World's leading edible oil & agri-trade Conference, Exhibition and Awards.

Globoil Post also works with some of the biggest brands worldwide, enhancing their visibility and engagement with the right target audience of readers through high-quality content.

What We Offer

  • Real-time online news on the website, with breaking info on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (Coming Soon)
  • Daily and weekly exclusive interviews and headlines covering the fast-paced developments in the global edible oil and agri trade industry;
  • Research – Reports detailing developments in the market and industry niches;
  • Content Marketing and Lead Generation activities to support digital marketing teams of our partners



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